Last Week Ahead October 1

Last week we finished Unit 2 by discussing the Agricultural Revolution. The big assignments included readings on the Agricultural Revolution, Unit 2 Test Review, Unit 2 Test, and the Unit 2 USA TestPrep homework for Advanced classes. We also did an Achieve 3000 article and activity. 

Next week we start Unit 3, River Valley Civilizations. Monday, we will take the Unit 3 pretest on USA TestPrep and participate in the school's student government elections. There will be a PTO meeting Monday starting at 6 PM. Tuesday, the students will go to Savannah to watch a series of one-act plays based on the writings of Edgar Allen Poe and other authors. There are several students who have not signed up yet but there is time to participate in this fun activity. Otherwise, it will be boring work all day at school. Wednesday, students will work on the map of Mesopotamia, the first stop of our River Valley Civilizations tour. Students, make sure to bring your colored pencils! Thursday and Friday, we will discuss Mesopotamian polytheistic religion and Judaism. 

Have a great week!