Last Week Ahead October 8

Last Week

Another week is in the books and it was an exciting one. Monday saw the start of Unit 3: River Valley Civilizations as students took the pretest and did the Unit 3 Vocabulary. Tuesday’s field trip to Savannah was success as students enjoyed the one-act plays at the Civic Center then lunch at Forsyth Park. Many, including myself, participated in a scavenger hunt around the park. Wednesday, the students located various landmarks in Ancient Mesopotamia using different maps. Thursday and Friday  we explored the polytheistic religions of Ancient Mesopotamia.

Week Ahead

After, discussing what polytheistic religions are and why they started, we will move to discussing monotheism as we explore Judaism. The Achieve 3000 article on Monday is about how Israel showcases artifacts from its past. On Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday and Friday the students will explore the achievements of Ancient Mesopotamia such as the first alphabet, the birth of literature, and ziggurats and other architecture.  

Announcements for the week

First Quarter grades will be due soon! Monday, October 16 will be the last day any late work for the quarter will be accepted. Parents please check Power School because many students owe me work.  

Please complete and return the Federal forms that were sent home with your children last week. We have to have 100% compliance. If you have already completed and sent your form back, we thank you. 

Parents, please be aware that most student assignments on their tablets can be done on any Internet-connected computer or phone. Just because a tablet is not working doesn’t mean the assignment can’t be done if you have a computer or the student has a phone. Contact the teacher if you have questions. 

Assignments coming up

Advanced students need to continue working on the Unit 3 USA TestPrep homework assignment that will be due week after next.