Last Week Ahead September 24

We started Unit 2: Nomadic Life this past Monday. This unit started by examining how early humans did hunting and gathering to survive. Not only did students watched my video about Hunter-Gatherers, they also did a reading of Hunter-Gatherer technology, performed a skit about human migration from Asia, through Beringia, and into the Americas, and a Hunter-Gatherer simulation. 

Next week we move on to the Agricultural Revolution and how it helped humans provide more sustainable food sources along with domesticating animals for food and labor. The Agricultural Revolution allowed humans to settle in one place, created labor specialization, development of the trade/barter economy, and the rise of human settlements. 

Assignments due last week: Unit 2 Vocabulary, GRAPES Project.

Assignments coming up next week: USA TestPrep Unit 2 Assignment (Advanced Students), Hunter-Gatherer Flocabulary (Standard Students), Agricultural Revolution Readings, Agricultural Revolution Timeline, Unit 2 Test Review, and Unit 2 Test.