Welcome to Learning Social Networks

Thanks to all of you who came to "Making Your Class More Social" at the Upstate Technology Conference! I hope you learned something that helps you communicate with your students. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Social networking has become a important communication tool in our society. However, using social networks such as Facebook and Twitter may not be appropriate for classroom use. Fortunately, there are sites that bring social networking to classrooms with an educational twist. Teachers and students can communicate, send and recieve assignments, poll students, share important links and information, and other useful information. Also, using learning social networks can help teach students how to behave appropraitely when they use regular social networks on the Internet. This page will provide you more information regarding learning social networks. 

Edmodo: A popular Learning Social Network that provides a safe and secure place for teachers and students to communicate and share information. 

Schoology: Another popular Learning Social Network and learning managment tool. 

Google+: The latest social network created by Google. Allows users to put friends in various circles so you can tailor your messages to different groups. Also, Google+ has an easy to use video chat tool called Hangout.

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