Welcome Students and Parents!

This page will have information regarding Mr. Woodring's 7th Grade Social Studies Class. That's right! I moved up a grade this year. Please check in frequently here and Google Classroom for class updates. If you have any questions please email me at john.woodring@beaufort.k12.sc.us. I'm looking forward to a great school year! 

The video above will answer most of your questions regarding Mr. Woodring's class. Other questions will be answered when classes start meeting or by emailing me at john.woodring@beaufort.k12.sc.us. 


Class Materials

Please bring the following items to class with you everyday:

  • 3-Ring Binder
  • Notebook paper for the binder
  • Notebook 3-Hole Punch
  • Sharpened Pencils
  • Colored Pencils or Markers
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • Glue Sticks
  • Highlighter

Good Habits

The best habit you can get into is doing what you are supposed to do. Also, check-in on Google Classroom, especially when you miss class.


Photo by mtreasure/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by mtreasure/iStock / Getty Images


Students will need to bring to class daily when the computer tablets are issued:

  • Tablet Charged
  • Charging Cable
  • Earbuds
  • Tablet Bag

2nd Period Snacks

Because it is a long time between breakfast and lunch for 6th Grade students, it was decided students can have a small "working" snack time during 2nd period. My second period students and I came up with the following guidelines regarding snacks. 

  • Snack time will be during the first few minutes of class while students are working on their class warm-up. 
  • Snacks should be healthy and nutritious. The sugar content of the snacks should not be over 10grams per serving. In other words no junk foods or candy.
  • Snacks should not create a mess in the classroom or on the students. Items that create a lot of crumbs should be avoided because we don't want to attract bugs to the classroom.
  • Snacks leaving a residue on students' hands or other places disrupt the learning process because students would have to leave class to wash after eating snacks.
  • Students will still only be allowed to drink water in sealed containers during snack time. 
  • Examples of snacks are
    • Fruit such as apple slices, grapes, raisins 
    • Vegetables such as carrots, celery
    • Small crackers such as Goldfish or Cheese Nips
    • String Cheese
  • Students understand they must clean up after themselves when they finish their snacks.