Welcome to my page on teaching in a 1:1 classroom. I have been teaching in a 1:1 environment for over four years, first with PCs then iPads. Next year my students will be using Windows-based tablets. Not only have I been teaching students in 1:1 classrooms, I have also done scholarly research on the subject. Below are some links and reading recommendations to help you be successful teaching in your 1:1 classroom. 


Helpful links

Byrne, R. Free Technology for Teachers

Karbach, M.  Education Technology and Mobile Learning 

Stansburry, M. (2011) Ten skills every student should learn from eSchool News

Steinberg, S. (2013) 20 must-use education technology tools from The Huffington Post

Presentation: Teaching in the 1:1 Classroom

Presentation: Managing the 1:1 Classroom

Recommended  Reading

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