Math and Science Partnership Paying Dividends

ARS Technica reports the National Science Foundation's Math and Science Partnership helped increase student's test scores on Math and Science tests in schools participating in the program. Over 3,300 K-12 schools in 30 states formed partnerships with 150 institutes of higher education in the 2004-2005 school year. Studies found that elementary and high school students whose teachers participated in the program performed at the proficient level on standardized math and science tests. Only Middle School students' scores remained flat.

The Math and Science Partnership brings K-12 teachers to work with scientists, mathematicians, and engineers during summer training programs. The goal is for these teachers to bring back what they learned to their students to bring more appreciation and understanding in math, science, and engineering.

National Science Foundation teacher outreach program pays off for students

When higher education pairs with K-12 educators, the K-12 students reap the benefits in math and science fields.


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