An easy way to edit webpages?

Crunch Gear announced Texty which would allow you to edit web pages on the fly. After signing up for a Texty account you create a Texty edit using the site's WYSIWYG editor. After you are finished you copy and paste the HTML code into you website editor. Then whenever you wish to make any changes to your website away from your computer you log onto Texty, edit the appropriate Texty, including images, and your edits will automatically show up on you website.

The key is your ability of your website to be able to use Java. I tried Texty out on a website I manage for a school. The edits would show up on page previews but failed to show when I saved the page. This would be a good tool if you need to make quick changes, such as homework assignments to a website you manage from home. Also, if you are away from school and your computer you can post sub plans on your website away. The site is free so give it a try to see if you works for you.

Texty: Dead Simple Content Creation And Editing

Texty is a dead simple but useful new Internet service that you can use to quickly create and edit content on a web page with zero HTML or programming skills.

Go to the site, start typing text in a WYSIWYG editor, format it and add images. Click a button and get an embed code. Your text will appear in whatever website you add the code to. And if you want to make changes, go back to Texty and edit it. The changes will flow to whatever sites you’ve embedded it on. You can also add comment functionality to a piece of text, and create a RSS feed.

There are lots of great and easy to use content management systems on the web already. Blogging software is just one example. But if someone is working on a web page outside of something like a blog and wants to add a bit of text and graphics, this is a good solution. See our coverage of JS-Kit which has similar tools. I was surprised at how many people are looking for something exactly like this.

I’ve embedded a bit of text and an image below. Everything below this paragraph, including the image, is actually embedded from Texty.

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