A new way for students to get Smart

Last year our school received about 10 Smart Boards when we built a new addition. The teachers who were fortunate enough to have the interactive whiteboard in their classroom just love it and many of those who don't are envious. Now Smart Technologies are using Microsoft's new Touch technology to create the Smart Table for the education market.

The Smart Table is an interactive center for groups of students to do various learning activities. According to Smart Technologies website the Smart Table can be used to play educational games, cooperate on projects, create pictures or diagrams and other educational activities for groups. The site is also recruiting developers to create more applications for the device.

Engadget reports the Smart Table will go for $8,000 which might be a bit out of reach for school's facing inevitable budget cuts that come with tough economic times. Hopefully, Smart Technologies will have one at SC EdTech next week and will try to get some video.