Still Engaged

I saw an interesting article on U.S. News and World Report earlier today on how the so-called Obama Generation are still engaged with in politics a year after the election. One activist created a video highlighting the need to end the war in Iraq. Others are blogging their political views and opinions. Still others are engaging in volunteerism and using Web 2.0 tools to encourage others to join in. While the majority are considered Democratic and/or Progressive, there is an increase of Conservative Republicans are joining in too.Hopefully, the realities of politics will not curb the willingness of young people to participate but I am sure there are politicians who wish they would stay away. These people can generate others to action that could actually scare elected officials.

This shows young people are eager to engage but in their own way and with their own tools.Teachers should start tapping into this enthusiasm to engage students in their lessons. Also, here is where the proper lessons of using what can be a powerful weapon for change, good or bad. This is the guidance teachers should be doing as they incorporate technology in their lessons.