Odds and Ends December 21, 2009

Too big to be a country, too small to be an insane asylum

I am still have a problem believing this story and that it comes from my native state. South Carolina Attorney General (and candidate for Governor) Henry McMaster sent a message to Georgetown County claiming the county’s ban on concealed weapons on school campuses violates South Carolina’s law on concealed weapons. Georgetown banned all concealed weapons on school campuses in an effort to make schools safer. South Carolina state law says concealed weapons can be carried on school campuses as long they are locked in a center console, glove box or trunk of a vehicle.

Okay would someone please tell me how Georgetown’s children are served by having firearms on campus? What floored me even more was people who were interviewed supporting the right to carry firearms on school campuses. There have been incidents of parents being arrested for disturbing schools because they decided to get into a fight at school, and we are not talking a high school sporting event either. Someone will get a gun from their locked trunk and finish one of these fights one day. Once again South Carolina will make national news for all the wrong reasons.

Story from My Lowcountry 3, SCNow.com


I’m trying to cut down

Mashable relayed a New York Times story about teens realizing they are spending too much time on Facebook and are pledging to either cut down or totally give it. This sounds like a positive step by some teens or these are teens who are not getting enough friends. Teens taking part are promising only to login at certain times and “punish” those who break their promises. Let’s see if peer pressure makes a dent in Facebook.

Reality Camera, really?

Tech Crunch announced one of its Tech Crunch 50 favorites, Tonchidot has released it’s iPhone app to a worldwide audience. Tonchidot is an augmented reality application which means people who use the app can leave notes, pictures, or audio recordings at whatever point you are in the earth. Users can also see posts other users have left. This is made possible by the iPhone’s GPS and compass abilities. The education use is students can see what other people have said about about museums, historical places, zoos, etc…. This information could help in completing reports about field trips and other educational outings. Of course this is also another way to see reviews of restaurants as you walk down the street.

Interactive displays go on a diet

LG announced what is billed as the “World’s Thinest” 42-inch LCD panel. This is another step in what I believe where interactive whiteboards are headed. Classrooms of the future will have thin display panels that can be manipulated via touch and/or tablets carried by teachers and students. Of course these displays will be 3-D compatible as well. Source Engadget.

Podcast or Pencast?

Earlier today I decided to give podcasting another try. I have been thinking about this for awhile now and just decided to go for it. The new thing is I used my Livescribe Pulse pen to create this episode of the reborn Teacherbytes Podcast. I jotted down some notes on a my special notepad then tapped the record button. As I talked about topics I made some notations on the pad next to my notes. When I was finished I uploaded the notes to the Livescribe site and set it as a pencast in their community section. Then I exported the audio into Audacity to convert it into an MP3 file then finished uploading all the files to the proper sites to finish my podcast. Look below for the audio and pencast.