Teacherbytes blog posts featured in Livescribe's education blog

Two posts in Teacherbytes were featured in Livescribe Smartpen Applications blog. The Livescribe blog is written by Tim Fahlberg, Wisconsin Educational Representative for Livescribe, to highlight educational uses of the Pulse smartpen by students, teachers, administrators, and parents. In "Grandson of the Echo Pen", I talked about how I started using the Livescribe Pulse smartpen to record technology integration observations in classrooms. In the post I questioned if the optional MyScript for Livescribe application which converts written text into editable text. Tim took up the challenge by sending me a video of him successfully converting my sample. This led to the Teacherbytes post "Your Challenge is Accepted!" which Tim also mentioned in his blog.

The Livescribe Pulse smartpen records hand written notes and any video and saves them to your computer. Also, you can tap on any section of the notes to playback audio at the point the note was written.