Secret South Carolina Plan to Replace Teachers

Plans have leaked out that the South Carolina Governor will call for the replacement of state's public school teachers with robots. The Governor, who has few fans in education, will claim this will save the state billions of dollars in teacher salaries and benefits. The Governor further believes the robots will be better able to carry out instruction geared toward raising students scores on the PASS test which South Carolina uses to comply with No Child Left Behind. Also, the robots will not call in sick which will save the state further money since substitute teachers will also not be needed. The Governor further believes it would be cheaper to pay displaced teachers unemployment than give them their salaries. The robots replacing human teachers are a joint project from the Korean Institute of Science and Technology and the Nippon Institute of Technology. While the two Asian groups have not yet approved the use of the new robotic educators for their respective countries, the South Carolina Governor was anxious to cut the teachers and save the money. It is understood secret orders have been given to National Guard units to be on standby in case of civil disturbances by teachers.

Here is a YouTube video of the robots:

Hopefully, everyone will have a Happy April Fool's Day! (I hope)