Ready for what Santa Hath Wrought?

During the few times I went out into our neighborhood yesterday I noticed a lack of children playing with the new toys Santa surely brought them the previous night. I seriously doubted all of the children in my neighborhood received coal in their stockings for bad behavior. Despite our troubled economy, I also doubted they received a Big Chief writing tablet and an apple like those who grew up during the Great Depression received and were glad for it. No, I feel all of the children in our neighborhood, the United States, and around the world received electronics from jolly man in the red suit whose technology lab rivals that of Silicon Valley. One young man was spotted riding what looked to be a new bicycle but in his ears were the tell tale white earbuds of an iPod. Now the question for teachers who will welcome their charges back in 2012 is are you ready for what Santa has done?

You know students are going to bring their newly given devices to show all of their friends. I am certain my students are going to show me what Santa and various other relatives gave them. The electronic devices will be welcomed and put to work in my classroom. What about yours? Have you really thought about what Santa has done to your classroom and will you welcome them with ways for students to use their devices and make Santa feel good about what he has done or will you be the Grinch who takes away Mary Lou Who's iPod Touch with video editing, and writing apps?

Another trend I saw and believe will only increase is the number of games and toys that require an iOS or Android device. Take a look at the video below to see how one of my Christmas presents can be controlled by my iPhone.

I hope that you and your family had a great holiday season. Rest up.