Philosophical Heritage

Whenever I see the word philosophy in the title of a course I must prepare myself to look deep within myself and wrap my head around some mind-bending topics. I am thinking about my first writing assignment for my Curriculum Philosophy class which asks me to reflect back on what I perceived the philosophical positions of three former teachers. These three teachers must come from my elementary, secondary, and college educations. Two of the first three are going to be easy because they influenced my desire in studying and later teaching history. My history teacher at Spartanburg High School showed history can be a wonderful and interesting story if told right. One of my professors at USC-Spartanburg showed how researching history makes it come alive as it becomes an investigation of a mystery to be solved instead of just the memorization of dates and facts. It is the teacher from my elementary days that has me really thinking. I can remember who these incredible ladies are and what they taught me to some extent or I would not be writing this now. However, to think of their philosophical positions is something one never really thinks of because one never thinks of their elementary teachers in that light or at least I never did. As I am thinking about it two teachers come to the surface, my first grade teacher and my sixth grade teacher (sixth grade was in elementary schools when I was growing up). This should be an interesting intellectual exercise.