Website Updates

This is probably a bad time to discuss changes to this website and this blog but I might as well get it over. First off, I am progressing in my dissertation process that has kept me from keeping up with this blog. Second, I have been setting up a blog to create announcements for parents and students although the main class content will be found on Google Classroom. Third, I have started creating videos again. The videos I have started creating will be about content for Sixth Grade Social Studies students but occasionally other subjects as well. My desire is to create content demonstrating curriculum and real world connections. There will also be activities found on Teachers Pay Teachers for teachers who use my videos for their classes. Finally, I have also reawakened my passion for photography so I have created a page of what I believe is my best photographs. Other photos and videos may be shared on this blog in the future as well. 

Hopefully, it won't be years before I post again.