The Burden of Higher Education on Students (Infographic) shared this infographic that shows both the rising cost of a college education and the rising amount of debt college graduates have when they graduate. However, students are willing to take on this debt because they still believe a college education is the path to better paying jobs in the long-term. Fortunately, this faith the students have is well founded even if it may take a little longer to get there after paying off those college loans.

Another interesting detail is that most college students are borrowing money and/or working to pay for college. I worked nights in a hospital to pay for my college education but needed loans for my masters degree and will probably have to do both whenever I decide to get that doctorate I have been squawking about for years. Why has it not happened yet? I have a high school sophomore and my family will have to be making these financial decisions and on a teacher's salary that won't be easy.

Student Finances: Young, Broke and Determined
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