Good Mojo, Bad Mojo

On my podcast, Teacher Bytes, I talked about U3 Smart USB flash drives and how this mini operating system can allow you to use various applications on any computer. PC World has a story about a new application for flash drives and portable hard drives which mimics your personal desktop setup. MojoPac is an operating system that works on Windows computers. Unlike U3, MojoPac actually allows you use your applications from your computer on any other computer such as Word, Open Office, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc....

This would be good for teachers who have useful personal applications which are usually not allowed on school computers. However, the downside is a long list of compatible games listed on MojoPac's website which students can plug and play on school computers as well. Hopefully, MojoPac won't become one of those well intentioned applications that kills the usefullness of flash drives much like cameras helping Internet able cell phones (such as the iPhone) get kicked out of schools.

Make sure to watch your students when they plug in a flash drive.

PC World Article