The Jensen Project Classroom

I watched an interesting movie on NBC titled The Jensen Project. The movie was about a family of geniuses in the near future who use their brains and technology to solve problems that could help the world. Some cynics probably claim The Jensen Project was a 120 minute commercial for producers Walmart and Proctor & Gamble.

The brief scene in the beginning of the movie showed a classroom for high school students. This near future classroom was a dream come true. The teacher had a large-screen multitouch monitor. Each student had their own laptop computer. All devices were connected to share information with each other. This would be a classroom I would love to have and almost will have soon.

Sounds great right? Guess what, compared with the technology portrayed in the rest if the movie, the classroom was still hopelessly antiquated. Computer stations had displays that popped up like a heads up display. Tablets were clear and had a similar display to computer terminals. The interface was a combination of touch and voice. Information was shared quickly by voice command. All the businesses had similar technologies i just described. Kinda made the technology back at school look like using old-fashioned slates. Looks like things in the future stay the same for education.

If you saw The Jensen Project please share your thoughts about the technology portrayed. If you have not seen the movie you can run to your local Walmart and pick it up. Did not take long to get that video out. Also, this was an obvious pilot for a future series so we may see more.