Learn Vocabulary, Feed the Hungary

An English Language Arts teacher came into the lab with her class today to finish unp an assignment. She directed those students who were finished to go to a website called FreeRice.com. She explained the purpose of this website is for students to learn vocabulary. However, this site has an interesting twist. FreeRice.com presents you with a vocabulary word and four choices, all you have to do is select the answer you believe is correct. For each correct answer you give, the site's sponsors will donate 10 grains of rice to the United Nations World Food Program. The site is adaptive, as the user gets more answers correct, the words get harder. If you get an answer wrong, the words get easier. For those who are competitive, there are levels 1-50 with 50 being the highest. There is also a little bowl that tracks how much rice you have earned. This site can be used in all classes as part of the curriculum or a reward for good work. I must give this warning: this site is very addictive.

Please share how you would use FreeRice.com in your classes.