Online Education in Summer School

According to this AP article online summer school enrollment increased this year. However, there are two interesting points made in this article.

First, more students are using online classes to take upper level required courses such as honors algebra or other courses not normally offered during summer school. These courses are desired by some students for purposes of retaking a failed class or credit recovery. Yet, some students want to use online summer school classes to get ahead in their studies without cramping their summer activities.

The other point the article made is how some students are doing better in online classes than traditional ones because students are used to working with the interenet. It is well documented that students are comfortable using the internet to communicate with each other, chronical daily life, conduct research, and other tasks that are also done in traditional school settings.

Online summer school classes increasing

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (AP) When Scott Landry flunked a math class in his Townsend high school this year, he was told he would not make it into the 10th grade unless he went to summer school.

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