One Laptop Per Child on Christmas List

If you are thinking about a new computer for a child or thinking about a One-to-One initiative the One Laptop Per Child group may have your machine. The group is currently selling low-cost laptops to Third World countries to be used by school children. These machines were designed to stand up to childrens' use and abuse, operate in different climates, connect wirelessly to the internet, and last up to 12 hours on one charge. One feature which is unique among laptops is a handcrank to charge the battery if an electrical outlet is not avaiable. These machines run on the Linux operating system to help cut the costs of the machines. The price tag of the machines is said to start at $350.

Nonprofit may launch $350 laptop by Christmas (Reuters)

Nigerian pupils work on computers at a primary school in Abuja, in this May 30, 2007 picture. A non-profit group that designs low-cost computers for poor children hopes to start selling multimedia laptops to consumers by Christmas, a foundation executive said on Monday. (Afolabi Sotunde/Reuters)Reuters - A nonprofit group that designs low-cost computers for poor children may start selling $350 laptops on the commercial market by Christmas, an executive said on Monday.

One Laptop Per Child Foundation

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