Life is Good, Sexting and Cyberbullying is Not!

I saw this video on today's Buzz Report by CNET. LG, a leading worldwide manufacturer of cellphones, is taking a stand against sexting and cyberbullying. The Korean company produced a video which has gone viral and website which urges viewers to "give it a ponder" before sending a text message. I applaud LG for taking a stand against sexting and cyberbullying. It is great to see companies encourage custom ers to use products in an ethical way. I am still disappointed in Apple in allowing a sexting app and nudity scanner (yes, I know it's a fake) on the iTunes App Store. Both apps on the popular iPhone and iPod Touch send the wrong message to the young people whom these devices are marketed to and desired by. I hope LG will continue their leadership in taking an active role in promoting ethical use. Also, I hope other companies will follow LG's (mangement principals) lead by promoting safe use of their products by not only young people but all people. Thank you LG for helping make Life Good! Also, thanks to Molly Wood and CNET for mentioning the video and site on the Buzz Report show.