There is an app for that too!

Intel to launch app store for netbooks

The creator of the Atom chip, which powers most netbooks, announced the beta of an app store for the small computers. Hopefully, there will be free or inexpensive apps that could be of use to students and teachers. I wonder if I should open an app store? What would I put them on? A Teacherbytes device? Right! Source: Engadget

Pixel Perfect

Apple is working on making each LCD pixel a touch sensor for future displays. This is further evidence that my prediction of multi-touch displays will be on the walls of classrooms of the future. It will make a certain math teacher I know very happy because she believes the Promethean Board is not exact enough. ARS Technica

 Arc of the keyboard

Microsoft announced a new keyboard called the Arc. This form factor is to compliment Microsoft's thin Arc Mouse. The $59.95 peripheral will be exclusively sold at Best Buy stores starting February 21st. This could help free up some teacher desk space for more papers to grade. Source: Engadget

Now that is Socially Networked H2O

Vitamin Water has a new flavor called Connect complete with a Facebook logo and a label with all kinds of Facebook references. What is next? Google Water? Source: TechCrunch

Is Child Predator a character on WoW?

 A 42-year old women was arrested at her home in Texas after meeting with a 16-year boy she met on the popular online game World of Warcraft. The boy left his Barrie, Ontario home to meet the woman with whom he had been communicating on the game. Ironically, no Canadian laws were broken but since the age of consent is 17 in Texas the woman is thrown in jail. This might not go anywhere since the boy said he was 20. Anyway, the mother of four will have a lot of explaining to do with her soon to be former husband. Source: CNET

Social Agents of Change

Mashable has a post with lists how Social Media has changed society. The first of two points that interested me is writing blogs and other Web2.0 apps has raised child literacy rates. The second point is how social media allows a greater exchange of knowledge. 

Intel Reader

Intel is showing a device that scans text and reads it back. This could be a good adaptive technology device but the $1500 price tag could slow deployment to classrooms in these tough budget times. Below is a video demonstrating the reader. Source: Engadget