Meeting You For the First TIme All Over Again

A couple of weeks ago I attended the Curriculum Studies Summer Collaborative in Savannah, Georgia presented by Georgia Southern University. One of the attendees was William Schubert from the University of Illinois-Chicago and a leader in curriculum studies. Dr. Schubert and I had an amusing conversation about writing dissertations in the 1970's and today. The very next week an assignment required we read an article about four curriculum traditions and write an analysis of them. The author of the article is the same Dr. Schubert I talked with earlier at the CSSC. Usually, I see the authors as faceless, abstract people who live on another plane of existence. However, after meeting Dr. Schubert I can appreciate the article because I have witnessed his personality he put into his writing. 

Flash forward a couple weeks, I am actually blogging at the world famous Blogger's Cafe at the ISTE Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, so I can scratch that off my bucket list. For the last couple of days I have been reconnecting with old friends but also making new friends, which is one of the best reasons to come to ISTE. Like meeting Dr. Schubert in Savanna, I am meeting Twitter friends I have known for years for the first time ever. Yes, this is my first ISTE conference which is why I finally can put real people to @Twitter handles I have interacted with for years. Some of these guys are rock stars with huge followings. Just a few minutes ago I was sitting with one well-known education technology expert I have interacted for years when a couple of fellow South Carolinian educators came up to the guy wanting their picture made with my old/new friend. After this conference I am sure I will have a better appreciation because I actually know even more of my Twitter friends.