Farewell B-108! My Students and I Thank You

In August, 2010 I wrote about my brand new classroom, B-108, at the new Bluffton Middle School. In that post I speculated on what would take place in that room when the students came in. I can say after four years of teaching in B-108 everything I predicted did happen, especially students learning about how to use computer technology in their other classes and learn they did. After four years, a South Carolina Technology Innovative Program award (my second but who's counting), and hundreds of students crossing into the threshold (not all on time either) it is time to say goodbye to the room. The computer technology program is being replaced by another STEM program and my Computer Technology position is being eliminated. 

While my position has been eliminated don't start shedding tears for me just yet. I will be moving down the hall next year as I move back to teaching social studies. This is something I have been patiently waiting for for at least two years. My certification has always been in social studies and my love of history, government, and economics led me to choosing teaching as my vocation. However, I have been in technology so long there are few people who knew I was a social studies teacher in a prior life. I wish I had a dollar for everytime I had to explain to people that I have a BA degree in history, my M.Ed. focused on social studies, and I taught the subject for 14 years at the high school level. I might actually retire. 

While I am happy to moving a few doors down the hall, I realize I have some challenges awaiting me. First, it has been awhile since I taught world history and I have stocked my reading list with books to refresh me on the content and classroom practices. Second, I will be teaching world history to seventh graders which will be a new experience. I do have experience teaching seventh graders computer technology and there are some great social studies teachers who I can seek out whenever I need advice. Third, I went to social studies content meetings every chance I got so I am familiar with what is going on with social studies today. Finally, I have spent the last few years reinventing myself as Teacher 2.0 with what I have learned from technology integration and my doctoral studies. I am eager to put some theories to the test and see what happens. 

No matter what happens in the future, I am sure it will be an even better adventure than teaching computer technology. I hope whoever takes over B-108 will have the great experience I had over the last four years.